What is the main difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4?

The main difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 is the data model. Universal Analytics uses a session-based model, while GA4 uses an event-centric model, providing more detailed insights into user behavior.

How are events tracked in GA4 compared to UA?

Both UA and GA4 track events, but GA4 gives events a more prominent role. It introduces an Enhanced Event Measurement feature that automatically tracks common user interactions, simplifying data collection.

How does the account structure differ between UA and GA4?

UA had three levels of administration (account, property, view), while GA4 has only two levels (account, property). The “view” level is removed in GA4.

Does GA4 include machine learning capabilities?

Yes, GA4 incorporates machine learning features. It offers automated insights, anomaly detection, and predictive metrics, enabling you to uncover patterns and make data-driven decisions.

How does GA4 focus on ecommerce events?

GA4 improves tracking of actions within ecommerce environments. It recommends events for product impressions, promotions, pre-purchase interactions, purchases, checkout, and refunds.

Are there any other notable changes in GA4 compared to UA?

Yes, GA4 introduces a new metric called “Engagement Rate” to replace “Bounce Rate.” It also provides “Active Users” in addition to “Total Users” and “New Users.” GA4 aligns with privacy regulations and offers better integration with Google Ads.