9 key integrations for your online shop in WordPress

4 April 2023

If you have an online shop in WordPress, you know how important it is to provide an exceptional user experience to keep your sales numbers high. To achieve this, it’s essential to take full advantage of all the available tools, including plugins, integrations, and services that optimize your ecommerce website.

In this post, we will explore 9 key integrations that can be of great help in improving your WordPress online store and growing your business. From payment methods to email marketing and shipping solutions, these integrations will allow you to take your store to the next level and achieve success in the highly competitive ecommerce landscape.


If want to create an online store in WordPress, you need a plugin that allows you to do so easily and effectively. And, undoubtedly, the most popular and recommended option is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a free plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and enables you to turn your website into a full-fledged online store. It offers everything you need to get started including various functionalities such as product management and payment options.

In addition, WooCommerce has a wide range of free and paid plugins and extensions that allow you to further customize your online store and add features specific to your business.

Payment methods

One of the most important factors when running an online store is to offer multiple payment options to your customers. By providing different payment methods, you not only improve the shopping experience for your users, but also increase the likelihood that they will complete the transaction.

There are numerous platforms that you can integrate into your ecommerce to offer payment methods according to the different preferences of your customers. Some of the most popular ones are:

PayPal: Popular and widely used online payment platform that allows users to pay with their PayPal account, credit or debit card, and in some countries, with other options such as direct debit.

Bizum: Mobile payment platform that allows users to make payments directly from their cell phone. It is especially popular in Spain.

Stripe: Payment platform that allows users to pay securely and easily with their credit or debit card. It is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Redsys: Online payment platform widely used in Spain that allows users to pay with their credit or debit card.

Monei: Online payment platform that offers multiple payment methods, including credit or debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In addition to these options, there are many other tools you can integrate into your online store to offer different payment methods, such as bank transfers or cash on delivery.

Be sure to explore all the available options and choose the ones that best suit your business and your customers’ preferences.

Web analytics

It is essential to continuously monitor the performance of your online shop and analyze the data to improve your customers’ experience and increase sales. To do this, a MUST tool is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics allows you to collect and analyze valuable information about your website traffic, conversions, user behavior and many other key metrics. With this information, you can identify areas of improvement in your online store and make informed decisions to optimize its performance.

To integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress online store, you can use the free plugin Site Kit. This plugin allows you to access the main Google Analytics metrics directly from your WordPress admin.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great way to increase the visibility of your products and attract more potential customers.

To get started, you need to create a product feed that meets Google’s requirements. It should include detailed information about your products, such as their title, description, price, image and other relevant details.

Fortunately, you can create and manage a product feed easily with plugins such as Product Feed Manager for WordPress.

This plugin not only helps you create a product feed that meets Google’s standards but also allows you to schedule regular updates. This means that your products will always be up to date and available to your potential customers on Google Shopping, which can help increase your sales and grow your business.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for retaining customers and building brand loyalty for your online store. With email marketing plugins like Mailchimp, Carts Guru or MDirector, you can easily create and send newsletters, marketing campaigns, discounts and other relevant information to your customers.

These email marketing plugins allow you to create custom email templates, add images, links, calls to action, and personalize content to better connect with your target audience.

Moreover, they enable you to manage your email lists and maintain an updated contact base. You can add new subscribers to your lists, segment your audience by interests, behaviours, and other relevant information, and schedule your emails to be sent at the right time to maximize open and click-through rates.

Check out our post if you want to know how to prevent your email marketing from ending up in Spam folders.  

Social media

Connecting your online store with Facebook is an excellent way to increase visibility and sales. To do this, you can use the Facebook plugin for WooCommerce, which will allow you to upload your product catalogue to Facebook and create dynamic ads on the platform.

This integration with Facebook provides a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and generate more sales.

In addition, if you wish to integrate your store with Instagram Shopping, you can use the Instagram extension for WooCommerce (paid). This tool allows you to sync your products with Instagram and tag them in your posts for easy access by your customers.

Shipment and deliveries

The delivery process is one of the most important factors that affect the user experience when shopping online. Efficient management of your shipments is crucial. An effective way to achieve this is to integrate your online store with a shipping company like MRW or GLS, among others.

This will help you streamline your shipping process, including generating labels automatically. You can also offer your customers different shipping options, such as express or standard, to provide them with more control over their deliveries and enhance their shopping experience.

Explore various shipping companies available for integration and choose the one that best fits your needs to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Review system

Today, customer reviews are one of the most effective tools for inspiring trust in online shops. Customers value the opinions of other users, and therefore, reviews can make a big difference in their purchasing decisions.

If you have an online store with WooCommerce, you can offer your customers the possibility to leave reviews on your products. You can use extensions like Trustpilot or Trusted Shops.

They allow you to integrate a review system into your online store, which will improve the trustworthiness of your products or services and make your store more attractive to potential customers.

Chat apps


Online chats have become an increasingly popular tool for enhancing the user experience in online stores. Customers can ask questions and get their doubts resolved in real-time, which leads to increased satisfaction and confidence in the store.

There are different options for offering an online chat service to your customers, such as Click to Chat, which connects WooCommerce with WhatsApp.

This plugin allows you to integrate a WhatsApp button into your website so that customers can communicate with you directly. By using this feature, you can answer questions and resolve doubts in real-time, and also gain a better understanding of the needs and desires of your customers.