The New Chambers Profile Platform

13 March 2022

Legal directories are an essential legal marketing tool. And in recent years they have been cementing this role with the gradual introduction of new features – enhanced profiles, insights reports, historical comparative data and more. Chambers & Partners recently took it one step forward and announced the launching of its new Profile Platform. Read on to learn more about its main features.

The platform is conceived around the concepts of Rank, Amplify, Improve and Submit and is aimed at:

    • amplifying the marketing advantages of rankings
    • improving understanding through research analytics
    • streamlining the submissions process


Amplifying marketing advantages

This category includes Enhanced Profiles, Embargoed Rankings, Image Generator and Best Practice Guides, the last two being brand new features.

Enhanced Profiles are said to have increased visibility on search pages and allow you to include added descriptions, press releases and articles, overviews and contact cards to your profile. We find that the best thing about Enhanced Profiles is the opportunity to re-share your content and thought leadership on another platform besides your website and social media.

Embargoed Rankings will give you a two-week heads up to prepare your communications and marketing materials for the respective Chambers Guide launch

Image Generator (available from May 2022) is a brand new feature which will allow you to choose referee testimonials and export them to a Chambers branded tile to use across social media, website and other channels or pitch and marketing materials. Though this is a useful feature, marketing efforts can sometimes over-exploit legal directories rankings. So be moderate and choose wisely where to include these branded tiles in accordance with the target audience.

Best Practice Guides (available from May 2022) will feature best marketing practices and tips from experts. This will be a useful tool for marketing and communications professionals, as well as lawyers, who are more involved in this side of the business. It will allow for being up to date with and adapting proven marketing and business development tactics.

Research Analytics

Research Analytics will be showing where lawyers and practice areas are improving, maintaining, declining or having the potential to climb to a higher band. Having this function within your Chambers profile can certainly be helpful. And although it doesn’t completely replace the need to prepare your own analytics, it does complement them and make the whole process a bit easier.

Streamlining the submissions process through Referee Management (available from June 2022)

Now this is probably our favourite new feature. We know how crucial client feedback is for rankings. And we also know how laborious it can be to collect referees, let them know when they would be contacted, remind them that they were probably contacted, and do everything else to assure you have the necessary amount of client testimonials.

Referee Management in the new Profile Platform will let you see how much research has been completed, who has been contacted, and who might be needing a reminder. This is expected to maximise the referee response rate by letting you know when and how to act with vital referees in order to facilitate their interaction with Chambers.

The Chambers Profile Platform will be available to all Europe and Global clients for their 2023 profiles.